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Greetings fellow entity.

This is Conduitry. I'm a web developer and also a music nerd and also furry trash and also nebulously queer.

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This body was born in 1989. I graduated from high school in 2007 (third in my class, so luckily I managed to avoid having to give a speech at graduation) and then (after some moderate higher educational bumps/missteps) graduated from college in 2013 summa cum laude with a double major in mathematics and computer science. I worked at various places and wondered how to become happy.

This particular "me" came into being on December 6, 2015, as a new internet handle and as a way to re-explore who I was and to look for other ways to exist. That didn't work out at all as planned. But, whoever this identity is, I've grown fond of him, and can't really imagine being anyone else online.

If you like putting people into categories by personality type — who doesn't? — then I am: Myers-Briggs INFP; Enneagram Type Four. That these seem at odds with my degree and profession is probably important and/or irrelevant.

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Web Developer. I started learning to program in 1996 on an old RadioShack Color Computer 2 and that was that. My preferred language for tinkering changed several times over the years but eventually landed on JavaScript. When there aren't deadlines, and when it sounds like fun, I will always do something myself rather than using something someone else wrote. More ->

Music Nerd. My childhood music tastes were inherited, and were largely 70s progressive rock. What I listened to gradually expanded as I realized that I could seek out things myself and as I realized that there in fact had been a great deal of very good music created in more recent decades but it was just nontrivial to find. I've tried to put together a medium-sized list of artists and albums to attempt to convey the scope of who I am in this area now. If people think music was better in decades past, I suspect it is because they are looking at the average. The average doesn't matter. More ->

Furry Trash. This is certainly hard to pin down for something that seems to be so important. The furthest back I can definitely trace the seeds is 2008 but it probably predates that. The extra juicy stuff is being hidden where you can avoid reading it if that's not your cup of tea. More ->

Nebulously Queer. Where I am on the heterosexual/homosexual continuum seems to be the wrong question. As far as I can tell, the right question involves some perpendicular bisexual/asexual continuum, but I don't have an answer to that question either. The whole thing is rather tied to the furry aspect. It's complicated. More ->

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The preferred diminutive of Conduitry is "Conv", although the "V" is silent, and so this is pronounced pretty much like "Con".

It's admittedly a bit confusing and arbitrary.

I am — tentatively — this.

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If you want to know who this really is, you can try here, but you won't find much.

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