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Greetings fellow entity.

This is Conduitry. I'm a web developer, and also a music nerd, and also furry trash, and also nebulously queer.

This body was born in 1989. I graduated from high school in 2007 (third in my class, so luckily I managed to avoid having to give a speech at graduation) and then (after some moderate higher educational bumps/missteps) graduated from college in 2013 summa cum laude with a double major in mathematics and computer science. This particular me came into being on December 6, 2015, as a way to re-explore who I was and to look for other ways to exist.

If you like putting people into categories by personality type (and who doesn't) then I am: Myers-Briggs INFP; Enneagram Type Four. Yes these do seem a bit at odds with my profession and my degree. It's fine. It's me.

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Web Developer. I started learning to program in 1996 on an old TRS-80 Color Computer and I haven't looked back. My preferred language for tinkering changed several times over the years but eventually landed on JavaScript. This stuff has been my livelihood for several years now. I like using things written by other people but ultimately enjoy tying everything together myself. Libraries, not frameworks. More ->

Music Nerd. My childhood music tastes were inherited, and were largely 70s progressive rock. What I listened to gradually expanded as I realized that I could seek out things myself and as I realized that there in fact had been a great deal of very good music created in more recent decades but it was just nontrivial to find. I've tried to put together a medium-sized list of artists and albums to attempt to convey the scope of who I am in this area now. If people think music was better in decades past, I suspect it is because they are looking at the average. Don't look at the average. More ->

Furry Trash. One of the later areas of me to develop. Furry-ness is still comparatively ill-defined but it seems to be important. The furthest back I can definitely trace the seeds is 2008 but it probably predates that — and then there was a long gestation period. Embarrassment slows development. By 2012 or 2013 it was certainly entrenched but still secret. Well it's no longer a secret, at least in some contexts. The juicy stuff is being hidden where you can avoid reading it. More ->

Nebulously Queer. Still very much a work in progress. Bisexual doesn't feel like quite the right word, but it's close. Also, a desire to be more feminine, yet nevertheless being pretty chill with the label of male. Oddly tied to the furry aspect. It's complicated. More ->

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The preferred diminutive of Conduitry is "Conv", although the "V" is silent, and so this is pronounced pretty much like "Con". It's admittedly a bit confusing and arbitrary.

Who I am has been changing greatly, or at least my perception of who I am has been. There is still a long way to go. I want to be different than I was and I want to be different than I am.

My body is a waste of mind. My mind is a waste of soul. I am reinventing myself as a weirdo.

I am — tentatively — this.

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To beauty in discontinuity
When was it ever not in flux
Get yr light in me

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If you want to know who this really is, you can try here, but you won't find much.

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